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Y Type Zipper Wire Manufacturers

Metallic zipper fastener are miniature pressed and punched components that demand a very high level of consistent parameter be it in terms of chemistry, size stability, profile stability and physical properties.

We at SharpWire are amongst the few wires manufacturer globally to produce y profile wire or preformed wire and flat wire

Right from melting high quality Raw Materials, Alloying, Continuous Casting, Rolling, Flattening & Shaping into the right quality of wire for the zipper industry. All our wire undergoes stringent quality control tests at numerous stages to produce the best wire you deserve. Leading to stable zipper quality tooth by tooth. We produce preformed ‘y’ Shaped Wire or Y Zipper Wire, Flat Rectangle Wire, Slider Wire, Flat Wire for puller tabs and Flat Wire for slider body wire and shaped top stop half round wire.

The wire can be supplied in brass of various grades such as 65:35, 70:30, 80:20, 85:15, 90:10 

In silver colored Nickel Silver, Alpaca or German Silver and in Phosphor Bronze Copper colored and also in Pure Copper. All our alloys are lead free and our wire comply with stringent regulations like CPSIA of us, OEKO – tex 100 & reach of eu. The wire can be supplied to closest size tolerance and packaged in coil form & spool





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