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Grooved Anchor Wire

Sharpwire OralFil line produces Anchor wire right from melting virgin material to finishing in house precise Anchor wire in Flat , single side grooved and double side grooved wire .

The new OralFil line Commissioned this year boasts of Ultra hygienic manufacturing conditions which is a prerequisite for the dental hygiene toothbrushes .

Our Engineering Prowess enables us to produce grooved anchor wire to the most accurate profile and tolerance leading to more brushes per Kg of wire and Improved tuft retention , This the reason we supply our anchor wire across the globe to all the top brands , MNC’s and Private label manufacturers .

We produce grooved wire in Nickel silver and Brass . on DIN 125 and Din 300 spools . Our products include Anchor Wire, Toothbrush Anchor Wire, Grooved Anchor Wire, Double Grooved Anchor Wire, Grooved Staple Wire, Grooved Copper Wire For Toothbrush, Grooved Brass Anchor Wire and Grooved Nickel Silver Anchor Wire.

.Toothbrush grooved wire

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